*OpenTTD公式マニュアル日本語翻訳版 [#y90d1b67]


**インターフェース [#g2bd1dae]

-[[Main screen]]
--[[Image:Manual html md7ebe52.png]] [[Game options window]]
--[[Image:Manual html md7ebe52.png]] [[Difficulty window]]
--[[Image:Manual html md7ebe52.png]] [[Configure patches window]]
---[[ConfigureInterfacePatches|Configure interface patches]]
---[[ConfigureConstructionPatches|Configure construction patches]]
---[[ConfigureVehiclePatches|Configure vehicles patches]]
---[[ConfigureStationPatches|Configure stations patches]]
---[[ConfigureEconomyPatches|Configure economy patches]]
--[[Multiplayer window]]
---[[Multiplayer Game Play]]

-[[Game interface]]
--[[Image:Manual html m772c5b23.png]] [[Railway Construction]] toolbar
--[[Image:Manual html ma6d6c8c.png]] [[Road Construction]] toolbar
--[[Image:Manual html m2cc0c4cd.png]] [[Dock Construction]] toolbar
--[[Image:Manual html 1ae92703.png]] [[Airport Construction]] toolbar
--[[Image:Manual html m233f8633.png]] [[Landscaping]] toolbar

-[[Other Interface Features]]

**建築ツール [#t6c79102]

-[[Constructing basics|Basics]]
-[[Bridges#Building Bridges for Beginners|Bridges]]
-[[Tunnels#Building Tunnels for Beginners|Tunnels]]
-[[Constructing tracks and trains|Tracks and trains]]
-[[Constructing roads and road vehicles|Roads and road vehicles]]
-[[Constructing docks, canals and ships|Docks, canals and ships]]
-[[Constructing airports and aircraft|Airports and Aircraft]]

**乗り物 [#jace1e6c]

- [[Vehicles]]
-- [[Trains]]
-- [[Road Vehicles]]
-- [[Ships]]
-- [[Aircraft]]
- [[Giving out orders]]
-- [[Shared orders]]
-- [[Copy orders]]
-- [[Transfer order, setting up feeder systems]]

Other things you might want to know about.

-[[Newgrf|Newgrf files]]
-[[Tips|Tips & Tricks]]
-[[Console|Console & Scripting]]
-[[Insides|Insides of OpenTTD]]

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